Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We Heart School

Practicing Teachers Website Strategies

Katasha Smith
Child Guidance, Management,
and the Environment
Professor Jeana Garcia

Mrs. Oakes Fantastic First Grade
This is a website that I would revel in. It is eye catching and full of ideas for teachers, parents, and students. It is easy to navigate and very user friendly. For a supportive learning environment Mrs. Oakes offers links for the students to read stories, play games and receive extra activities. The teacher offers a slide show of her classroom that is fabulous. YOU  HAVE TO SEE IT!!!
 Mrs. Oakes classroom is so organized and structured. Any student would be proud to call her classroom home for the school year. There is a place for everything and everything has its place in her classroom. There are free templates for parents, students, and the teachers to enjoy. She offers a link for literacy worksheets that will have her students on the go, ready, and prepared for the second grade. http://www.fantasticfirstgrade.com/Literacy%20Activities.html

Mrs. Gagne 's Wonderful Kindergarten Class 
This is a very awe inspiring website that everyone will love. It is full of exciting ventures that the teacher and students have experienced throughout the school year. The website is easy for everyone to explore, even children. Mrs. Cagne offers links that are especially for the students. They can go to the link and work on their language arts and reading. 
This is a website that all parents would enjoy for their children because it is full of fun games and exercises that will keep the students occupied for hours. These are websites that can be used at home as a learning tool for the students. There is a link that is dedicated solely to the Hilton Computer Lab.
In this lab the students learn to master the computer and use it for their classroom curriculum. 
Mrs. Trela's Exciting Second Grade Class
This is a very special web page that I know you will find useful. It is full of general information as well as a link for parents to see what assignments are due this week for their children. 
Learning links are also available that can be useful for the student at home as well as at school. With these interactive activities the students will continue to learn and grow. This website is very easy to navigate and it is very organized. The class photos are wonderful and make me want to visit her class. There is also a presence of family ties within the school. There is not one thing I could ask for and not find. I am truly impressed.

Mrs. Frerich's Fabulous Kindergarten Class
This is a very interesting website that you will find very helpful. It is full of links for the teachers and the students. There are fun exercises in the website that take me back to my childhood and I find that very soothing. There do not always have to be dings and whistles to work just great-and this works great. There are safe websites for the children to enjoy. Parents will not have to worry about inappropriate content on this website. 
There is a link for the library and favorite authors-perhaps yours are on the list. 
There is a students and parents link that is dedicated to communication with our youth. I think it is awesome and admirable. The learning environment seems very comfortable and enjoyable for the students.




  1. Katasha, you have done a great job!

  2. Thank you Jeana...I really enjoyed this assignment and this is something that I would like to continue doing even after this class is finished. It was nice to see a teachers' true point of view. i was able to view classroom arrangements, activities and organization skills. It was awesome.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your ideas and you definitely found some great information. I like the way you added pictures and your page looks great! I never thought of starting a blog and I will definitely have to make sure to keep up with this one just to find out other great ideas from teachers.

  4. I really enjoy blogging now. There were so many great ideas to follow and I now know where to look for inspiration. The classroom arrangements and organization skills were a joy to see. These teachers have a wonderful point of view and I can not wait to join them some day.

  5. Katasha, I really liked Ms. Gagne's blog. She has some excellent pictures and ideas for teachers and parents. Your blog contains excellent blogs with great resources. Technology has provided a fun way for teachers to share great ideas. It is great to be able to take advantage of this wonderful resource.

  6. Jeana...technology is wonderful resource to behold. We have come so far because of it and I do not want to teach without it. Without technology we would not be able to view all of these wonderful teaching websites.